19 01, 2019

What Is Arnica?


Arnica (also referred to as Leopards Bane) is a plant used for medicinal purposes in Native American, European and homeopathic remedies. It is native to Europe and Siberia, but arnica herbs are grown all over the world. You may be wondering, what is arnica used for? The extract used is taken from the blossoms of [...]

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19 01, 2019

Homeopathic vs. Herbal


What is the difference between HOMEOPATHIC and HERBAL prepared arnica products you ask… Homeopathic preparations of arnica are widely used, but they remain a source of controversy. The preparation of homeopathic remedies involves diluting the active ingredients of a substance to a very low concentration. This makes many scientists skeptical of the effectiveness of most homeopathic [...]

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10 06, 2018

The Benefits of Arnica


Have you heard of Arnica? Arnica is the broad term for remedies made with the perenial European yellow-flowered herb Arnica montana. Whether in herbal form or homeopathically, arnica has a long list of applications. It offers some real hope for those seeking an effective natural pain-relieving and emotion-easing alternative. The top uses for arnica include: [...]

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