Our Mission

Nature’s Authority’s mission is to provide natural, herbal prepared, chemical free salves, creams and lotions that improve the quality of life by unlocking natures healing power.

The ingredients we put into our product is important to us, as is what our products do not contain. You won’t find petroleum, glycerin, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, preservatives or chemical emulsifiers.  It is simply the cleanest and most concentrated Arnica product on the market.

We started as a local farmers market company and gradually added more markets across Washington and Oregon.  Even doing some in California and Arizona. Our products are now available in many stores, chiropractic & massage offices. We are and have always been driven by customers needs and wants.

Find our products at the following locations:

“I became familiar with the Arnica Lotion while browsing at a lovely farmer’s market in Portland. I’m always drawn to natural skin care products because I have struggled with “not so great skin” all my life and now some arthritis in my hands. I am familiar with homeopathic remedies and know that Arnica is good for bruising, so it was easy to understand that with the other wonderful ingredients, it could be helpful for my hands. I LOVE this product! I give my hands a long massage every morning using just a pinch of product. It does offer relief. I highly recommend Arnica Lotion.”
N. Shepherd