Kind Words & Testimonials

“I met Mike at a Christmas bazaar in Vancouver Washington in December he introduced me to the carnival. I bought a large bottle. I have fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. I have a customer Annie that comes into my work and has fibromyalgia also I brought her in a sample and she loves it. She found out chucks produce market on mill plain in Vancouver Washington has it and has bought some and is doing her own testimonials at her workplace. I have since bought a small bottle to keep at work. I was telling one of my coworkers about this wonderful product in the locker room and where she could get, well I rubbed some on her back and within 10 minutes time she was sold it took away most of her pain and made it tolerable for her to work. After work she went and purchased a bottle.

This Wednesday I plan to introduce another coworker to this marvelous product and I am sure she will be sold on it also. So all I need to know is are you ever at Vancouver’s Farmer’s Market? If so can I please get calendar of dates you plan to be there so I can introduce more people to your wonderful product?

Sharon Armistead Lennington - FB Review

“I’m a massage therapist of 27 years. I have used different types of lotions throughout the years and have not found anything as good as Nature’s Authority Arnica Lotion. I’ve been using it in my practice for 3 plus years, and my clients love it. I got asked about it so much that I started carrying it in my practice to sell to my clients! Great product Mr Torres!”

Rawle Morris _ FB Review

“Super happy to find this again! I have almost finished my advanced certificate in hollistic remedies and its natural products like these that I’m passionate about. I would definitely recommend that you give these products a try if you haven’t yet!”

Leslie Goodnight - FB Review

“I’ve been using the Arnica lotion for 3 years and LOVE it! Not only does it help with my sore muscles and diminishes bruising, but when I put it on the bottoms of my feet at bedtime, I sleep like a baby. My kids ask to use it too after sports workouts and events and to help them sleep better. Thank you for making an excellent product!”

Angie Posey Evans - FB Review

“This stuff works! I bought the combat cream and used it for my arthritis. Amazing results for me. Then I convinced my daughter to use it and she could feel the cream making her body’s pain go away. This cream is so good for me. I am not one to look up a product and give my opinion but I just wanted as many to know that this product is so worth the money.”

Cindy Amonson - FB Review

“LOVE LOVE LOVE the Arnica!! I don’t get restless legs any more!! And it’s wonderful for sprains, strains and bruises! And Solomon’s Salve is great for hard, cracked heals and dry, overwashed hands!!”

Janice LeBarre - FB Review

“I’m soo grateful to find this product again, anyone that believes in the power of Arnica as a topical pain reliever should do themselves a favor and buy the combat cream or Arnica lotion. Out surpasses anything on the shelves in any store.”

Jane Swan - FB Review

“This stuff is AMAZING!! I have fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis and I use this everyday on my hands and feet. It helps soooooo much!!”

Jennifer Cross - FB Review

“Arnica lotion, LOVE this stuff!! I have a very physical job and use it on shoulders and neck, by morning pain is gone…”

The Mings - FB Review

“I use this for my endometriosis and other pain and it’s amazing!! Great for cancer patients also can help with pain from side affects!”

Sherri Williams - FB Review

“I met Mike at Chucks Produce and discovered his all natural Salve. Its awesome. Ive been using it for after care at my business ” Wake Up Beautiful””

Marcy Harris-Broadway - FB Review, Wake Up Beautiful

“This is the best product, my daughter plays softball and very competitive she puts it on her shoulder and and bumps and bruises. Awesome lotion.”

Tony Santangelo - FB Review


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